29 Apr

Democratic Candidate in the VA 40th District

Learn more about Donte Tanner, our candidate for the 40th House of Delegates.

Twitter: @Tanner4Delegate

29 Apr

Third Democrat declared candidate for the 67th District

Hannah Risheq has declared her candidacy for the Democratic nomination for VA State Delegate in the 67th District, and kicked off her campaign on Sunday, April 23. You can find information about her at the campaign website. The campaign is also active on Facebook and Twitter.

Reminder: The primary will be held on June 13th. Don’t forget to vote! (and update your registration if necessary)

29 Apr

Recent Events for VA 10th District Democrats

The 10th VA Congressional District (CD) Democratic caucus was held on Saturday April 23rd and that the 10th CD Reorganization Convention will be held on Saturday May 13th at


Broad Run High School

21670 Ashburn Rd, Ashburn, VA 20147


The official call for a District Reorganization Convention can be found here. More information, including the convention rules, are available from the 10th CD Democrats website.

01 Mar

Candidates for the 67th District

The current candidates for the Democratic nomination in the 67th District, Karrie Delaney and John Carey, are listed on the Blue Virginia blog. You can also note that the 67th is highlighted one of the Virginia districts won by Hillary Clinton comprising list of top priority targets for 2017.

Both candidates addressed the Sully meeting on February 7, 2017, as seen below. You can follow both candidates on Facebook and Twitter.


John Carey introducing himself to Sully members. His prepared remarks can be read here. You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter.


Karrie Delaney bringing her message to Sully. You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter.


29 Mar

Endorsement Method for Sully School Board


Sully District School Board Member – General Election – November 3, 2015

Approved by Sully District Democratic Committee Vote on March 3, 2015

    1. Candidates seeking the endorsement must complete and return the prescribed Application for Endorsement, Questionnaire and $200 (non-refundable) Filing Fee to the Sully District Chair by 5:00 PM on April 6, 2015.
    2. No request for endorsement will be considered without completion of these two forms and payment of fee, except in cases where an individual, being subject to the HATCH Act, cannot formally request the endorsement. In such cases, the “Subject to the Hatch Act” nomination form and questionnaire must be filed in place of the Endorsement application.
    3. Sully District members may attempt collectively or individually to speak with candidates and may seek to obtain additional information that would be pertinent in determining eligibility or suitability for endorsement by FCDC.
    1. The Sully District will provide an opportunity for properly filed candidates or nominees to be interviewed by membership at its April 7, 2015 meeting at the Sully District Government Center, 4900 Stonecroft Boulevard, Chantilly, VA 20151.
    2. The Sully District will vote to endorse at its meeting on May 5, 2015, also at the Sully District Government Center.
    3. Members must be present at the time of balloting in order to vote. ONLY FCDC MEMBERS RESIDING IN THE SULLY DISTICT IN GOOD STANDING WILL BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE VOTING. Members must be accepted at or prior to the March 2015 FCDC General Meeting, March 24, 2015.
    1. If only one candidate or nominees is properly filed by the deadline, the Sully District will recommend for endorsement by a voice vote. It is possible that the single candidate will not be endorsed.
    2. If more than one candidate or nominee is properly filed:
      1. Ballots will be preprinted in advance with names of all applicants and nominees properly filed.
      2. The Chair will appoint a Chief and Assistant Teller to direct the tallying process. Each candidate may have one person observe the count.
      3. A member may cast a blank ballot as an indication that he or she does not recommend endorsing any candidate.
      4. The candidate with a plurality of ballots cast will be selected as the recommended endorsee, unless the number of blank ballots exceeds the number of ballots cast for that candidate.